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Smarter Cars is a podcast about autonomous vehicles. We’re interviewing key players about the challenges of bringing autonomous vehicles to market, including current thinking about deep learning, policy/regulation, business models, ethics, and the impact on social welfare, economics, cities and the future of how we live and work.

Some questions we’re thinking about include:
How do we regulate a technology that is still developing without stifling innovation? 
Should regulators require pre-approval before cars are deployed to the public?
How will we show that autonomous vehicles are safe? What should the standard be and how will we demonstrate it?
How much can we rely on deep learning versus rules-based code? How do we explain a crash when deep learning is used?
What are the best business models? Will it be a Netflix subscription model, ride share or other fleet use?
What is the right hardware? Do we need Lidar? How might Lidar develop and change?
How will it work when one company makes the hardware and another makes the software? Are full stack solutions better?
How should we address the impossible ethical dilemmas? Should ethics be programmed using rules-based code or AI?
What will it take for consumers to get comfortable adopting this technology?
How will autonomous vehicles change the way we organize and live in cities? 
How can cities prepare for these changes? How will public transit needs change?
Will we need a VMT tax to reduce congestion and zero occupant trips?

Let’s get on with the discussions…